Access Control Test Tools



The AccessEmulator™ is a powerful tool to automate and enhance the testing of access control systems. Multiple events are created that emulate real-world activity on your hardware. Extensive diagnostic features save troubleshooting time on field installations.


Saves time/cost in:

  • Development testing
  • QA/SQA testing
  • UL 294 agency testing
  • Testing on-site systems and components
  • Troubleshooting systems and components
  • Testing reader output
  • Decoding access cards
  • Decoding access card formats


  • Automated testing
  • Repeatable test events/results
  • Performance testing


  • 8 Relay outputs (Emulate REXs, Door Switches, supervisory circuits, etc.)
  • 8 digital outputs (emulate up to 4 readers)
  • 4 digital inputs (decode up to 2 readers)
  • 4 opto-isolated inputs (monitor door strike or other system outputs)
  • +5V DC power for test readers
  • Automated and manual event sequence control
  • RS-232 communication port
  • Real Time Clock, battery-backed
  • Reconfigurable though FLASH programming
  • Terminal block connectors
  • Board in SnapTrack™ for easy mounting


  • On-site diagnosis and testing of complex access control system functions
  • Test readers’ swipe data
  • Display card data (raw and formatted decodes)
  • Manually swipe in test card numbers
  • Log activity to PC, PDA, printer, etc.
  • Performance testing
  • Generate desired event rate (real-world to saturation)
  • Record events and timing
  • Log activity to PC, PDA, printer, etc.
  • Emulate access events
  • Card swipes (valid/invalid card, format, facility code, etc.)
  • Multiple card sequencing
  • Keypad entries
  • REX switch events
  • Door switch events (open, forced, held, supervisory circuit tests)
  • Region events (anti-passback, two-man rule, etc.)

AccessEmulator FAQ Page

AEProgrammer Screenshots

AccessEmulator Product Brief (PDF)

Flash programmable for custom functions

(design to your spec – contact sales for quote)

  • Card format translator
  • Reader wedge
  • Event-based outputs
  • Concentrator/extender
  • Smart card controller
  • Your application requirement